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I love my turtle towels! They are so practical, so easy to use, and such great quality! I wish I would have tried them out sooner! Two Turtle Thumbs Up!

Maggie D.

These are the perfect protector for your car seats after a sweaty run or workout. Wash them with your workout clothes and put em back to work! Simple, convenient, necessary!

Tim A.

I bought 2 turtle towels last year at the Space Coast Half & Full Marathon expo. They are great in keeping the seats in our cars dry and stink-free! I highly recommend this product.

Brad K.

I absolutely love my turtle towels. They keep my car seats smelling much better than I do after a run. I keep two in my car and have given a few to friends as gifts. Everyone needs a Turtle Towel in their life!

Laura S.

I bought my first one 6 months ago...and it is always with me ready for good use ever since. Highly recommended!!! One of the MUST have items in your bag.

Franck C.