Jeff Galloway and Turtle Towels!!!

We are Super excited to be a part of Jeff Galloway’s 13.1 and Barb’s 5k on December 15th-17th! We were at the Georgia Peachtree 10k expo this year and were blessed to be neighbors with world famous Jeff Galloway. If you didn’t know already, he’s a bit of a running fanatic, and has perfected the run-walk method for marathon training. It just so happens, that my wife and I trained for our first marathon with his method and successfully completed 26.2 miles at the Walt Disney World Marathon back in 2005. Well, Jeff saw how the runners at Peachtree appreciated the Turtle Towels and invited us to be a part of his upcoming race weekend. Anyone who signs up for the “Double G” will get a free Jeff Galloway signature Turtle Towel! So, go get extra sweaty and Turtle Towels will be there after the race to save your seat!