No Corona!!!

Greetings friends! I pray that you all are healthy and well. I know that staying active is important, but so is staying healthy. My primary career is a Nurse Practitioner, so I just wanted to let you know that the Turtle Towel can be used for more than just keeping your car clean after a good workout. If you know of anyone that is on the front lines of Coronavirus care and prevention, they could use them to keep their car clean after work. Just throw it on the seat before they go in for a shift, then when they’re done throw it straight in the washer when they get home. (FYI we donated some to our local ICU nurses.) Feel free to use code “nocorona” for 25% off and a free clip will come with each Turtle Towel. Don’t forget to click free shipping at checkout for extra savings. Stay safe, and remember, we’re all in this together. 🏊🚴🏃😷🐢❤️