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Sea Foam Green


A Turtle Towel is a waterproof towel/ seat protector. Absorbent, velvety polyester with waterproof bonded lining. Easy-on, Easy-off, machine washable, and dryable. Folds up into the detachable, waterproof bag that doubles as the headrest cover. Color variations are a normal part of printed minky polyester. It doesn’t affect the functionality. If you don’t like it then, just return it.

Great for sweaty, wet, dirty, or just plain messy people!

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  1. All-in-one waterproof towel/seat cover/storage bag
  2. Fully washable/dryable in regular washing machines/dryers
  3. Absorbent polyester cloth, waterproof polyurethane backing
  4. Simple, slip-on hood for headrests
  5. Easily folds into a detachable “bag” for easy storage
  6. Doubles as a pillow for camping or passenger seats
  7. Multiple designs/colors to choose
  8. Patented design

Additional information


Bag is 16" wide x 12" deep / Towel is 28" wide x 54" long